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  • Australian Representatives Horse & Country TV 2017
  • Arnold Classic Australia 2017 – Sports Horse Challenge
  • Arnold Classic Hong Kong 2017 – Sports Horse Challenge
  • Australian Representatives for the Horse & Country TV channel UK 2016
  • Australian Representatives for the Horse & Country TV channel UK 2015
  • Equus Film Festival NYC 2015 – The Way of the Horse 2014, Official Selection/Marwari Movie Preview
  • Winner at the Equus International Film Festival Montana USA  2015 – The Way of the Horse 2014 – Best Equine Training & Performance Program
  • Macedon Shire Council Victoria – Equine study, promotional video 2015
  • Horseman of OZ – Ken Faulkner – TV series x 8 episodes 2015
  • Steve Halfpenny – Ground Skills DVD 2015
  • Delegate for Equine, Victorian Government Trade Mission to the Middle East 2015
  • Equitana Melbourne TV show, The Way of the Horse 2014 airing on Horse & Country TV; UK, Europe, Australia 2015
  • Equtiana Melbourne, The Way of the Horse, TV show 2014
  • Horse & Country TV (Cable TV Network UK), Australian Launch, 2014
  • Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, Normandy France 2014
  • Footage donated to the National Museum of Australia for the Spirited Exhibit about Horses in Australia, Canberra 2014
  • Ken Faulkner Ground Skills DVD 2014
  • The Way of the Horse Trainer Selection Equitana Australia 2014
  • Delegate for Equine, Victorian Government Trade Mission to  the Asian Racing Conference 2014
  • Equitana Australia TV special, The Way of the Horse 2012, airing 19 DEC 2013, H&C TV, UK and Europe.
  • Equitana Melbourne TV special, The Way of the Horse 2011 aired on HRTV USA to 18 million viewers. Aug 2013
  • Australian Equine Trade Mission to the Middle East Feb 2013
  • Ken Faulkner Pilot for Horse & Country TV 2013
  • Ken Faulkner Training Video Series 2013
  • Straight From The Horses Mouth – Behind the scenes of horse racing in Australia 2013 TV Pilot
  • Equine Dental Association of Australia – Corporate Video 2013
  • Equitana Melbourne 2012 – The Mitavite Equitana Waler Legacy Project Trailer/DVD 2013
  • The Road to Confident Riding Television Pilot/DVD – David & Sandi Simons UK, AUS, USA 2013
  • Equitana Melbourne 2012 – DVD special – The Way of the Horse Melbourne release 2013
  • Equitana Melbourne 2012 – Television special – The Way of the horse UK, USA, AUS airing 2013
  • Equitana Melbourne 2010 – Television special – The Way of the horse UK, USA, AUS airing 2012
  • Equitana Sydney 2011 Televison special – The Way of The Horse UK, USA, AUS airing 2012
  • Equitana Sydney 2011 – The Way Of The Horse DVD 2011 release 2012
  • Equitana Melbourne Australia – The Way of The Horse DVD 2010 release 2011
  • Equine Dental Association of Australia corporate video presentation 2011
  • Equitana TVC 2010
  • Media Accreditation – 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, Kentucky USA
  • Foxtail Plant & Floral Las Vegas promo 2010
  • Horse Rush TV Series 3, October 2010 Aurora, Foxtel & Austar – C31 Melbourne, January 2011
  • 1320X Australia Episode 2 Willowbank Raceway – Ipswich QLD 2010
  • 1320X Australia Back Stage Episode 4 – Willowbank Raceway- Ipswich QLD 2011
  • 1320X Australia Episode 1 Alice Springs 2011
  • 1320X Australia Back Stage Episode 3 – Alice Springs
  • Drift Rush TV Pilot – 2012
  • The Way of the Horse – Equitana 2003, 2005
  • The Catalyst “EQUITANA” ABC TV AUSTRALIA 2009
  • The Barefoot Blacksmith DVD 2 Maintenance Trimming 2008
  • The Barefoot Blacksmith DVD 1 Introduction to Barefoot Horses 2005
  • Guy Mclean DVD – Riding From The Ground 2005
  • Horse Rush TV Series 2 2005 – USA-Australia
  • EquineXpo Perth Promotional DVD 2005
  • Dressage & Jumping With The Stars Promotional DVD 2005
  • Man From Snowy River Bush Festival Corryong 2004 DVD
  • Carlos Tabernaberri – Trailer Loading Made Easy DVD 2004
  • Horse Rush TV Series 1 2003- RFD TV USA-AUSTRALIA




Our mission is to develop and create original ideas, turn them into brands and media properties, sell them to leading networks. We produce high quality work with the latest technology, using the best people in the industry. Now filming in 4K.



At Frazzica Productions we think and work on a global level. We have extensive international media connections, with strong partnerships based on years of hard work. We are now able to produce our best works, using the latest technology and providing the most experienced crews.



Frazzica Productions Pty Ltd was founded in 2003 originally as Horse Rush Pty Ltd. Frazzica Productions was launched in line with our move to produce TV shows and movies in various genres. Horse Rush TV was launched in 2004 and was the first horse lifestyle TV show to air in Australia and the USA on free to air and cable TV. Horse Rush TV is also the only Australian produced horse TV show to have aired in the USA on two cable TV networks RFD-TV and Horse TV from 2004-2009.

During 2006 Australia experienced the worst drought in history followed by the equine flu. These events caused us to expand our production company and move into other subject matter. Throughout 2007 we attended production seminars in the USA and where fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn reality television with Pullin Television based in Los Angeles USA.


After working with Pullin Television in the USA, we signed a deal in 2008 to produce the Australian version of a grass roots drag racing reality TV show, called 1320X Australia. This TV show was based on the American version of 1320X. Frazzica Productions spent time in the USA training under the guidance of executive producers Stephen Pullin, Jack Shaffer and their crew to learn the art of producing reality television. Our first 1320X Australia event was launched on the 18 July 2009 at Alice Springs Inland Dragway followed by our QLD event at Willowbank Raceway March 2010.


Frazzica Productions is currently working on a number of projects including our first film, Marwari – War Horse of the Maharaja filmed in the USA and Rajasthan India with an award winning crew. Marwari was filmed on the RED Epic in 4K. The Way of the Horse, The Australian Horsemanship Challenge 2010, 2012, 2014 recently went to air in Australia, UK and Europe on the Horse & Country TV network and won Best Equine Training & Performance Program at the Equus International Film Festival in Montana USA 2015.


Frazzica Productions have just signed on as the official Horse & Country TV Australia representatives.  Horse & Country TV linear channel is the largest equestrian channel in the world based in London UK.


Frazzica Productions are accredited by the FEI, Federation Equestre Internationale to cover high level equestrian events world wide. Frazzica Productions is the leading equine media producer of Australia. Our properties air world wide.  We are based in Melbourne, Australia and Las Vegas USA.  We are members of the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance Australia (MEAA)  and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).


Media that have used our footage:


  • National Gallery of Australia
  • Horse & Country TV Australia, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland
  • Definitive Events-Equitana Australia
  • Tourism Victoria
  • Catalyst – Equitana Story – ABC Australia
  • BBC London
  • Granada Television UK
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • ABC Australia
  • Pullin Television USA
  • Horse TV USA
  • Aurora Channel Australia
  • SKY UK
  • Horse & Country TV UK/Europe


Print media we have appeared in:

  • Horsewyse Magazine Australia September 2015
  • Performance Horse Magazine Australia September 2015
  • Horsewyse Magazine Australia September 2013
  • Equine Excellence Magazine Australia 2013
  • Horse Illustrated Magazine September USA 2013
  • The Weekly Times August Australia 2013
  • Equine Excellence Magazine 2012
  • Equine Excellence Magazine 2011
  • Queensland Times March 2010
  • Street Machine Magazine March 2010
  • Performance Ford Magazine 2010
  • Queensland Times February 2010
  • Equine Excellence Magazine – Cavalia Story 2010
  • Performance Holden Magazine 2010
  • Equine Excellence 2009
  • Street Machine Magazine 2009
  • Dragster Magazine 2009
  • Alice Springs Advocate 2009
  • Cranbourne Leader 2009
  • Hoofbeats Magazine 2004-2007
  • Hoofs and Horns Magazine 2006
  • Macedon Leader 2006
  • Horse Point Website 2006


Radio media we have appeared in:

  • MMM Brisbane
  • Nova Brisbane
  • 4BC Brisbane Talk Back – Drive with Michael Smith – Interview 2010


Marwari Movie Trailer


Frazzica Productions Pty Ltd: ABN 37 152 425 726. Horse Rush and Drift Rush are Trademarks of Frazzica Productions Pty Ltd. 1320X is a Trademark of Pullin Television LLC that was Licensed to Frazzica Productions. All content on this site is Copyright 2017 – Frazzica Productions Pty Ltd